for Master growers and other participant in the process of medical cannabis cultivation



As part of our goal for successful implementation of cultivation technologies for medical grade cannabis we acknowledge that the human factor is one of the most important inputs during the growing process. That is why we believe that every person that comes in contact with this valuable crop should be properly trained and familiar with the correct growing procedures. In our educational center we educate personnel to cover all of the phases of the growing process, from seed to storage in accordance with Macedonian legislative, GACP and GMP standard and EMEA recommendations. We adjust the content and the scope of the course to your company's needs and technical equipment. The program covers 3 parts: technical systems, agronomic and manufacturing procedures.

Our program includes:

  • Choice of location

  • System solutions, production and processing technologies for medical cannabis in compliance with GACP/GMP standards

  • Methods of cultivation , harvest and primary processing, packaging and storage of primary Cannabis Spp. herbal materials in accordance with recommendations of the work group for herbal medicine of EMEA

  • Hygiene of cultivation space, machinery, equipment and staff

  • Use of machinery, equipment and process tools

  • Quality assurance of seeds and planting material

  • Cloning ( techniques, conditions, practices)

  • Cultivation, process and operations

  • Certified substrate, analysis, uncontaminated with heavy metals, pesticide residue and other banned chemical components

  • Approved fertilizers, biostimulators and nutrients

  • System for biological protection of plants 

  • Harvest - determining of the time of harvest. Methods of techniques

  • Drying - primary processing of dried herbal material

  • Packaging - techniques, methods and conditions 

  • Storage of packaged material under strictly controlled conditions

  • Documentation for process monitoring by trained growers

  • Product traceabillity, regular laboratory tests in accredited laboratories

  • Documentation format templates

  • Waste management