Growing operation      organization


Energy-efficient designs reduce overall energy consumption, while also limiting electrical infrastructure demands and monthly electrical demand charges. The most energy effective way of cannabis production is in greenhouses. We design our project as a  greenhouse complex. Each growing complex has additional functional units, such as trimming rooms, offices, server rooms, boiler room, water preparation units, changing rooms etc. 

Our Projects

Our company is a system integrator of projects for legal medical cannabis growing and production under controlled conditions based to green house concept in Macedonia. We offer the complete project and technical turn-key solution with full compliance tо Macedonian legislative and European standards. 

We cover the following aspects to complete the full medical cannabis production process:

* Land sale with required quality

* Complete project and cannabis license documentation

* Construction in 2 phases: before and after license

* License procedure in 56 steps

* Technology and know-how transfer throughout the process

* Complete process control  - Smart greenhouse

* Data and video monitoring through a monitoring center in Skopje

* Staff training in our educational center

* EU certification of  the production complex (GAP/GMP)

* Growing process organization

* 24h security

* Packaging of the finished product

* Product sale to known buyer

* Profit insurance

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