Growing operation organization


Energy-efficient designs reduce overall energy consumption, while also limiting electrical infrastructure demands and monthly electrical demand charges. The most energy effective way of cannabis production is in greenhouses. We design our project as a  greenhouse complex. Each growing complex has additional functional units, such as trimming rooms, offices, server rooms, boiler room, water preparation units, changing rooms etc. 

Our Projects

Our company is a system integrator of projects for legal medical cannabis growing and production under controlled conditions based to green house concept in Macedonia. We offer the complete project and technical turn-key solution with full compliance tо Macedonian legislative and European standards. 

We cover the following aspects to complete the full medical cannabis production process:

* Land sale with required quality

* Complete project and cannabis license documentation

* Construction in 2 phases: before and after license

* License procedure in 56 steps

* Technology and know-how transfer throughout the process

* Complete process control  - Smart greenhouse

* Data and video monitoring through a monitoring center in Skopje

* Staff training in our educational center

* EU certification of  the production complex (GAP/GMP)

* Growing process organization

* 24h security

* Packaging of the finished product

* Product sale to known buyer

* Profit insurance



Support, technology and know-how



As with any business, location is key. We have the necessary experience to help you search for and select the prime location for your business with adequate conditions. Once the perfect location has been selected, we can also assist in tasks of negotiation, reviewing lease/sales agreements, and land development. 


Documentation and licenses

Compliance with all state and local government requirements is essential. Our team will guide you through the development and implementation of compliance strategies and practices proven to ensure a successful relationship with all government agencies. Our staff is experienced in working with a variety of State and Municipal Offices (Zoning, Business License, Building/Construction permits, Power connection) and walk you through the entire process. We also offer full support and experience in the complex procedure for medical cannabis in Macedonia.


Design and Scalability

Our design engineers and partners can  design, build and operate a safe, compliant and efficient growing facility. Security is a priority in our designs, as well as, emphasizing complete climate control and a floorplan that maximizes crop yield. Every facility designed by us meets the precise environmental conditions necessary in cultivating and processing high grade cannabis.

Investing in a sustainable and scalable facility secures the success and financial feasibility of a cannabis growing complex. That’s why we design our facilities divided in independent modules, which can be built and developed over time. 


Industry specific, quality equipment is necessary for both the safety of your employees and the success of your business. Our team will help you in the procurement of the necessary equipment for the production. We will integrate and commission all technical components for the production of medical cannabis with proper quantity and quality. Together with our partners we can provide installation and integration of

  • HVAC systems

  • HID lighting

  • Nutrient preparation  and irrigation

  • Humidity control

  •  Security & process, video & data monitoring system

  • CO2 generation

  • Reverse osmosis unit

  • Fully digital  growing system


We build customized greenhouses for cultivating high quality, and cost-effective cannabis. Our greenhouse construction teams  have had  many years of construction and site planning experience. We provide the fastest and the most cost effective construction of medical cannabis greenhouse complexes.


Training & Management

Educating and training management and staff is vital to the success of any business. Our training and development program will provide the necessary tools for your staff to become self-sufficient. Operating a business of this type, requires a cohesive environment that develops your employees to their highest level of potential.

As a guide to doing business, an SOP is a vital part to the success of any business. Our company will help you in developing an SOP that is well planned and clearly outlines steps for implementation.

Our projects so far